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Role Play Interview Assessment on Demand
Revolutionise Your Hiring Process: Use objective evidence-based roleplay assessment as part of your interview process to make informed and impactful hiring decisions.
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Don't hire a candiate off their CV alone ever again.


Evidence your candidates in action to understand how they will really behave before you hire them.

Assessing candidates thoroughly before hiring them is crucial for building a high-performing team. Traditional methods like CVs and interviews provide limited insight into their potential for success.

With evidence-based Roleplay on Demand assessments, you can observe candidates in action and get a more accurate picture of their skills and behaviour as and when you need it.

Transform Your Hiring Game

Roleplay on Demand - The Solution to Costly Hiring Mistakes and Unproductive Employees

Register and purchase credits

Looking to conduct a one-off interview or a number of them? Simply register and purchase a one-off roleplay or credit packs to suit your need.

Choose from various roleplay types

Whether you're looking to evaluate sales performance, coaching skills, customer service or any other skill set, Roleplay on Demand has got you covered. Choose from several scenarios giving you the opportunity to assess candidates' skills and potential in action, in a realistic and engaging way.

Book a time and place for your candidates

Align your roleplay to your interview date and time and we do the rest. At the allotted time your personal role player will enter your virtual interview room and conduct the scenario whilst your team of interviewers observe.

What you'll discover by roleplaying your candidates...

It generally takes at least six months for companies to break even on new hires, so getting it right is critical. Roleplay on Demand helps improve the chance of making a successful hire.

Gain key insights before you hire

Roleplay exercises are a valuable tool in evaluating candidates for a job.  They can provide critical insight into a candidate's communication skills, problem-solving abilities, ability to work under pressure, attention to detail, interpersonal skills, and cultural fit.

They also evaluate a candidate's ability to build rapport and establish a connection with others. This is especially important in jobs that require a high level of customer interaction or teamwork.

Can they do the job?

Asking any interviewee how they are likely to approach the role they will no doubt be able to logically, sequentially and plausibly describe in well versed fashion how they will do the job. Unfortunately this by no means demonstrates how well they will do this for you.

By understanding what you need from your new hire, Roleplay on Demand enables you to evidence current capability, suitability and fit for organisation to avoid costly mistakes.

Does their capability match their experience?

The age old expression that some people have one years’ experience – twenty times never resonates more truthfully or rings more loudly than in the hiring process, as past experience is not a predictor of future success!

Success in one organisation does not equal the same success in another. You need to see how your future employees are likely to operate and behave, to be confident in your hiring decision.

Are they right for your business?

Understanding the cultural impact is equally as important as know your potential new hire’s capability to do the job.

How are they likely to come across to your customers? Will they fit in with the team and protect your culture….. or destroy it?

Immediately support the development of your new hires

Whilst they may be good enough to get the job, all of us need continuous development and Roleplay on Demand provides the perfect opportunity to understand what’s working well for your new recruit, whilst identifying their development areas with objective feedback that can immediately support their PDP.

Spot future potential

When we hire we should always be thinking about the next two jobs for the person in consideration. Roleplay on Demand means you can spot potential and future stretch to support your succession planning.

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What are the benefits of roleplaying before hiring:

Remove the risks of mis-hire

As the job market becomes increasingly competitive, hiring the right people has become more important than ever. However, making a bad hiring decision can be a costly mistake for organisations. In 2020, 76% of surveyed senior managers admitted to making a bad hire, with the average cost per failure reaching $14,900 per hire, and in some cases, soaring as high as $240,000.

Saves tens of thousands of pounds in hiring mistakes

The good news is that there is a way to avoid these costly mistakes and ensure that you're hiring the right people for your business. Roleplay on Demand allows you to see your candidates in action as part of your interview process, thereby giving you a front-row seat and a comprehensive understanding of their capabilities, suitability, and fit before you make the hiring decision.

Ensure the best chance of success

By simulating real-life scenarios, Roleplay on Demand provides a unique opportunity to assess how candidates will truly behave in a work environment, allowing you to make more informed and impactful hiring decisions. This not only helps you avoid costly hiring mistakes but also ensures that you hire the right people who are aligned with your organisational culture and goals.

Identify the right values and behaviours from the outset

Roleplay on Demand is a game-changer for any organisation looking to transform its hiring game, avoid costly mistakes, and create a more productive and engaged workforce.

Got questions...?

Would you like to find out how Roleplay on Demand can support your hiring process with off-the-shelf and bespoke roleplays, tailored to your business? Please send us a message and one of our expert team will be in touch.
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